Part Practice Rehearsal Aid CD's

The PartPractice CD is a rehearsal aid developed to assist the singer in learning a singing part. It features a piano accompaniment, all chorus voice parts and solo parts and the singers part played predominantly above them all.

The CD came about to assist myself in learning my voice part (and still does) and we developed the final result over several years.

I found the Rehearsal CD helped us immensely in learning any piece of music. Initially we wanted to make sure we were hitting the right notes. We found though that it helped not just in finding the right notes but also in learning the rhythm of the music, the timing, articulation and dynamics.

We gave Practice CD's to our fellow performers who likewise found them invaluable. We am now making the Practice CD's available here.

If you wish to have an individual piece prepared or would like a particular show available please contact me



Sample: I am the very model of a Modern Major General - Soprano 1


Using the Part Practice Learning CD

The Music Practice CD contains a number of tracks pertaining to your required chorus or principal part.
The musical part you are learning is played on piano and emphasised above all the other parts. It is also chorused, which means that the note when played is accompanied by a chorused sound which indicates how long to hold the note.
You will according to the piece hear the following instruments:

Learning Part: Emphasised and chorused Piano.
Female Principal : Flute
Male Principal : Bassoon
Male Chorus Parts : Male Chorus sound
Female Chorus Parts : Female Chorus sound
Piano Accompaniment : A lighter Piano instrument

All instruments are played using fully sampled piano's and instruments from one of the best sound producers in the world.

Dependant on its length, a song or musical piece may be split into a larger number of tracks in order that you can move easily through the piece in order to practice a particular section. Where a piece has been split it can still be played in it's entirety without gaps.

How we use the Chorus Practice / Part Practice CD

Assume we're learning the Tenor part for the Zoo.
First of all you want to hear the Operetta, on a CD recording if you have it and at your music rehearsals to become familiar with the overall sound, though you will get a good feel for the operetta just by listening to the CD. Of course having a copy of the score is highly recommended.

At rehearsals you will be learning your part. At home you can put on the CD and go over a section as often as you like. We like to use the CD in advance of rehearsal which adds to your confidence and thus to a better rehearsal. Choose a section to go over and follow with the score. Become familiar with the rhythm, the pitch and timing.

We find that learning the words at an early stage allows you to practice freely with the CD, and even helps in learning the words themselves. Aim to be able to sing along without needing to look at the words. We like to use the CD in the car (which means knowing the words!). The more you practice the more aware of the music you become and are able to fine tune your performance and feel confident in your part.

If your learning a solo principal part you will find an additional track is included on the CD to allow you to practice with the Piano accompaniment.